Company Research w/ website

An automation tool designed to enrich sales professionals' data by providing personalized company research based on website content.


The 'Company Research w/ website' tool is a sophisticated automation solution that streamlines the process of gathering and analyzing information from a company's website. It is built on a low-code AI workflow platform, enabling users to input a company's URL and a description of their product or service. The tool then performs a series of transformations, including website content scraping, summarization of the company's profile, and industry identification. The process is powered by advanced AI models, ensuring that the output is not only relevant but also insightful, aligning with the user's product context.

Use cases

Sales professionals can use this tool to prepare for cold calls or emails by quickly understanding a potential client's business and industry. It can also be used by marketing teams to tailor their messaging for different industry segments or by business development representatives to identify new opportunities for partnership or product placement.


The tool offers several benefits, including saving time on research, providing personalized insights that can enhance sales outreach, and identifying key opportunities where a user's product or service can add value. It also helps in understanding the potential client's industry better, which can be crucial for crafting targeted sales strategies.

How it works

Users start by providing the company's website URL and a detailed description of their product or service. The tool first scrapes the website content, then uses AI to generate a concise summary that highlights unique data points, challenges, and opportunities relevant to the user's offering. It also identifies the company's industry based on the website content. The AI model used for these tasks is specified as 'openai-gpt35', which is instructed to approach the task with the mindset of a Business Development Representative, ensuring the insights are tailored for sales enablement.

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