Enrich LinkedIn profile

The 'Enrich LinkedIn Profile' tool is a sophisticated automation solution designed to distill and encapsulate professional information from LinkedIn profiles into concise summaries.


Created by Scott Henderson, this tool leverages a series of transformations to process LinkedIn profile data. It begins by fetching the complete profile using a 'Get User Profile' method, likely interfacing with an API. The data is then filtered to focus on the 'about' section and 'experiences', ensuring that the most relevant professional details are captured. A language model, specifically 'openai-gpt3-5-16k', is employed to intelligently summarize the profile, emphasizing recent experiences and avoiding the creation of non-existent details. The tool is part of a larger project, indicating a commitment to ongoing development and refinement.

Use cases

A recruiter could use this tool to screen potential candidates by quickly getting a sense of their professional history. Sales professionals might employ it to research prospects before a meeting, ensuring they have a solid grasp of the person's expertise and experience. Networking professionals could also use it to prepare for conversations with new connections, allowing them to engage more meaningfully.


The primary benefit of this tool is its ability to quickly synthesize large amounts of professional data into digestible summaries, saving time and effort for users who need to understand someone's career trajectory at a glance. It's particularly useful for recruiters, sales professionals, or networkers who require a rapid yet comprehensive understanding of a person's professional background.

How it works

Users input a LinkedIn profile URL, and optionally a name, into the tool. It retrieves the full profile, filters for pertinent sections, and then uses a language model to generate a summary. The process is designed to be seamless, with the tool handling the complexities of data extraction and summarization, delivering a polished output that highlights the user's professional narrative.

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