Linear: Create ticket

An automation tool that streamlines the process of creating tickets in Linear directly through a low-code AI workflow platform.


This tool, crafted by Scott Henderson, is a sophisticated yet user-friendly automation solution that integrates with Linear, a project management tool. It leverages a low-code AI workflow platform to simplify the ticket creation process. By providing a custom API key from Linear, users can initiate the creation of a ticket within a specified team in Linear. The tool is designed to be public, allowing for broader accessibility and collaboration.

Use cases

This tool can be particularly useful for project managers and team members who frequently create tickets for tracking tasks, bugs, or features. It's also beneficial for teams that incorporate automation into their workflows to optimize their project management processes.


The primary benefit of this tool is its ability to automate the ticket creation process in Linear, saving time and reducing manual effort. It enhances productivity by allowing users to quickly create tickets from within the AI workflow platform without switching contexts. Additionally, it ensures accuracy by programmatically setting ticket details, minimizing the risk of human error.

How it works

The tool requires inputs such as the team name, ticket title, and description. It then executes a Python script that interacts with Linear's GraphQL API. The script authenticates using the provided API key, constructs a GraphQL mutation based on the inputs, and communicates with Linear to create a new ticket. The response from Linear, including the status and details of the created ticket, is then outputted by the tool.

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