Steam game review analysis

A tool designed to distill insights from Steam game reviews by answering user-posed questions through an AI-powered analysis.


The Steam game review analysis tool is a sophisticated solution that leverages the power of AI to provide users with a deeper understanding of public sentiment towards games on Steam. It begins by taking a Steam game ID, either directly or from a URL, and uses JavaScript to extract the numeric ID. With this ID, it performs an API call to Steam's review endpoint, gathering all English language reviews. These reviews are then cleaned of non-ASCII characters and truncated to fit within a manageable token limit for the AI model. The core of the tool is its ability to prompt an AI model with chunks of review text and a user's question, generating an insightful answer based on the review content.

Use cases

Game developers can use this tool to gauge player feedback and improve their games accordingly. Marketers can identify key sentiments for crafting targeted campaigns. Researchers might analyze trends in gaming preferences or the impact of certain features on player satisfaction. Additionally, potential buyers could use it to quickly get a sense of a game's reception before making a purchase.


The tool offers several benefits, including the ability to quickly understand the general consensus of a game's reviews without reading through potentially thousands of comments. It saves time and provides a structured summary that can guide developers, marketers, and researchers in making informed decisions about game development, marketing strategies, and market research.

How it works

Upon receiving a Steam game ID, the tool extracts the numeric ID and retrieves the game's reviews via an API call. It then cleans and truncates the review texts to ensure they are in a digestible format for the AI. When a user poses a question about the reviews, the tool prompts an AI model with the prepared texts, and the model generates an answer that encapsulates the essence of the reviews, providing the user with a concise and insightful response.

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