3 key benefits - personalised w/ LI profile

A tool that crafts personalized sections in cold emails by analyzing a prospect's LinkedIn profile to align key benefits of a product or service with the prospect's professional background.


The '3 key benefits - personalised w/ LI profile' tool is a sophisticated solution designed to enhance the personalization of cold email outreach. It operates on a low-code AI workflow platform and leverages a Large Language Model to interpret and summarize LinkedIn profile data. The tool meticulously processes the prospect's information, extracting and refining relevant data points such as skills, experiences, and educational background. It then uses these insights to create a tailored narrative that aligns the unique selling propositions of a product or service with the specific needs and aspirations of the prospect. The tool iteratively improves upon its output, ensuring that the final personalized bullet points are concise, engaging, and directly speak to the prospect's potential business impact.

Use cases

This tool can be invaluable for sales and marketing professionals looking to improve their cold outreach conversion rates. It is particularly useful for B2B companies where personalized engagement can significantly influence decision-making. The tool can also be employed by job seekers or recruiters aiming to personalize their networking and outreach efforts, ensuring their messages stand out in a crowded inbox. Additionally, it can serve as an aid for customer success teams looking to upsell or cross-sell services by tailoring their communications to individual client profiles.


The primary benefit of this tool is its ability to create highly personalized and relevant email content that resonates with the recipient, thereby increasing the likelihood of engagement. It saves time and effort in researching prospects' backgrounds and tailoring messages accordingly. The tool's iterative refinement process ensures that the messaging is not only personalized but also optimized for clarity and impact. By leveraging AI, the tool provides a scalable solution for enhancing the personalization of marketing outreach without sacrificing quality.

How it works

The tool begins by fetching LinkedIn profile data using a provided URL. It then executes JavaScript code to clean the data, retaining only pertinent information. Subsequently, it prompts a Large Language Model to analyze the cleaned data in the context of the user's product or service, generating a summary with actionable insights. These insights form the basis for crafting personalized bullet points that articulate the benefits of the product or service. The tool refines these bullet points through iterative prompts to the language model, aiming for brevity and relevance. The final output is a set of three bullet points, each succinctly capturing a benefit, with the entire paragraph designed to be impactful yet concise.

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