Extract categories in data - V2

A tool that identifies and summarizes recurring themes in text data from CSV files.


The 'Extract categories in data - V2' tool is a sophisticated solution designed to sift through text responses in CSV files, pinpoint recurring themes, and generate concise summaries of these themes. It leverages a combination of JavaScript code transformations and the analytical prowess of GPT-4 to process and analyze text data. The tool is adept at handling large volumes of text by breaking them into manageable batches, ensuring thorough and efficient theme extraction.

Use cases

This tool is particularly useful for market researchers analyzing open-ended survey responses, content managers seeking to understand prevalent themes in customer feedback, or data analysts tasked with summarizing large volumes of unstructured text data for reporting purposes.


Users of this tool can expect to gain a clear understanding of the main topics within their text data without manual analysis. It saves time and effort by automating the categorization process and provides a structured summary that can inform decision-making, strategy development, and content creation.

How it works

The tool begins by cleaning the target column in the CSV file and preparing the text data. It then divides the text into batches, each analyzed by GPT-4 to identify themes. The identified themes from all batches are aggregated, refined, and deduplicated to produce a final, polished list of themes with descriptions. This process involves multiple steps of transformation, analysis, and summarization to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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