Youtube video -> Blog

An automation tool that converts YouTube video content into a detailed, SEO-optimized blog post in HTML format.


The 'Youtube video -> Blog' tool is a sophisticated piece of software crafted by Henry Badgery, designed to bridge the gap between video content and written blogs. It takes a YouTube video link as input and, through a series of automated steps, transforms the spoken content into a well-structured, SEO-friendly blog post. The tool leverages Python scripts for transcript extraction and an advanced AI model to ensure the final blog post is not only rich in content but also adheres to SEO best practices and HTML formatting standards.

Use cases

This tool is ideal for content creators, marketers, and businesses looking to repurpose their YouTube video content into blog articles for their websites. It can be used by SEO specialists aiming to boost their content's search engine ranking or by educators and trainers who want to provide written supplements to their video tutorials. It's also beneficial for social media managers who need to create complementary blog posts for video campaigns.


The primary benefits of using the 'Youtube video -> Blog' tool include the seamless transformation of video content into written form, saving time and resources in content creation. It enhances the reach of content by catering to audiences that prefer reading over watching videos. The tool also ensures that the blog posts are optimized for search engines, increasing the visibility of the content. Additionally, the HTML format output simplifies the integration of the blog post into various web platforms.

How it works

To initiate the process, the user provides a YouTube video URL, relevant SEO keywords, and a desired blog name. The tool validates the video link and extracts the transcript using a Python script that interfaces with the 'llama_hub.youtube_transcript' package. An AI model, specifically 'openai-gpt3-5-16k', then takes over, receiving a prompt that includes the transcript, blog name, and keywords. The AI is instructed to craft a unique, conversational blog post complete with an outline, subheadings, and FAQs, all within a 2000-word count. The final product is a comprehensive blog post in HTML format, ready for publication.

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